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Every knowledgeable man must know the story of Zhang Liang and Confucius, and all of you must have the experiences of oath-taking rally in college entrance examination.

Therefor every guys may guess what I wanna tell about in the follows.

Okay, listen carefully ~~~

And something like this ~~~

To help new members to improve their sense of competition, to improve the courage and the spirit of perseverance, the oath-taking rally is a must. 

The smell of gunpowder is dense before the PK game.

To be the winner, every group make a group name and organ for themselves.

The first group : Smoulder

Organ: smoulder smoulder, passion burning, achieve new peak!

The second group: S -Model

Organ : fashionable hairstyle, elegant temperament, and have the altitude to overcome all fear!

The third group: The Brave

Organ: to defeat enemy one thousand times rather than conquer ourselves one times !

The fourth group: The Hot Sun

Organ : combine China and the west, we are All-powerful 

The fifth group: The Belle

Organ: We have beautiful looks and much order!

The sixth group: The cow

Organ: Newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, traveling around the world!

Hhhhh, every guy is so smart. Their organ is also louder and rhyming.

Which group do you think is the winner ?

I hope every member will get a lot of things, such as experience and knowledge.

I hope every member can keep the passion and courage to overcome difficulties.

Come on Baby !


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