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The Chinese New Year Holiday is drawing to a close.

Bonita begins it's first working day today!

Festival comes to the end and every guy is in arms with full enthusiasm.

As an encouragement, our boss, Sean give “Lucky Money”to every colleague in the first working day .What a surprise day! hahaha...

It fills me with full enthusiasm for working


When it comes here, gifts for you also!

Yes, just believe your eyes! Gifts for you, who is reading this article!


Thanks in advanced for supporting us as always in 2017

Wish all Bonita guys still fight with strong eager, work with full passions and abtain more favorable awards!

We believe Bonita will reach a new summit in his history and never stop as long as we still keep the full enthusiasm to our job in 2017!

Finally, we hope every partner and friends has booming business and prosperous new in 2017.


Here is the invitation for you, please check!

Bonita comes back again!  

We invite you, our dear partners and friends, to visit our company, for tea, chatting, entertainment... 

Our adress: 10F Building Data Control, No.516 Beiqing Road, Fengze District, 362008, Quanzhou, China.

Come on, we are waiting here!

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