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  • Bonita Attends the CBME Pregnant Baby Show
    Bonita Attends the CBME Pregnant Baby Show



    During 22th-24th July22, the world's leading exhibition Pregnant Baby Show - 15th CBME Chinese Pregnant Baby Show, Cool Kids Fashion have its brand opening in Shanghai New International Expo Center, which includes thousands of global brands. As the leading brand of baby diapers,  Bonita brights in 15th CBME Pregnant Baby Show.There is a pure intimate, called the mother and baby. With a mother-like love cares for the baby healthy growth, giving baby and mother with close experience, which is Chiaus adhering to the concept of products.   Bonita innovative exhibition design, attracted a lot of people, the whole structure is simple and generous, to highlight  Bonita the high-end brand image positioning. The exhibition hall is composed of offline channels, the electric business channels and Baals, which let visitors feel zero distance of  Bonita and its products. Independent planning super nursery interactive area, gifts and interesting interactive way, attracted many visitors onlookers and enthusiastic participants, Chisinau exhibition hall crowd movement.

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  • 2017,WE ARE BACK!
    2017,WE ARE BACK!



    2017,WE ARE BACK!    The Chinese New Year Holiday is drawing to a close. Bonita begins it's first working day today! Festival comes to the end and every guy is in arms with full enthusiasm. As an encouragement, our boss, Sean give “Lucky Money”to every colleague in the first working day .What a surprise day! hahaha... It fills me with full enthusiasm for working!   When it comes here, gifts for you also! Yes, just believe your eyes! Gifts for you, who is reading this article!   Thanks in advanced for supporting us as always in 2017! Wish all Bonita guys still fight with strong eager, work with full passions and abtain more favorable awards! We believe Bonita will reach a new summit in his history and never stop as long as we still keep the full enthusiasm to our job in 2017! Finally, we hope every partner and friends has booming business and prosperous new in 2017.   Here is the invitation for you, please check! Bonita comes back again!   We invite you, our dear partners and friends, to visit our company, for tea, chatting, entertainment...  Our adress: 10F Building Data Control, No.516 Beiqing Road, Fengze District, 362008, Quanzhou, China. Come on, we are waiting here!

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  • Useful Knowledges for Parents
    Useful Knowledges for Parents



    Useful Knowledges for Parents A new born come to this world, the parents should make  full preparations to meet it. To take good care of the baby,parent need to know something about the tips for diaper. How many diapers you need? Mommies often wonder that how many diapers they need. Usually, every baby would dirty the diaper every few hours,so you need to change about 5 diapers for a baby every day. You should prepare extra diapers in diapers bag, or in the relatives you often drop in. Notice:Babies grow fast in the first 2 years. Estimating the weight your baby will increase and buy a lot of diapers.Do not reserve amount of diapers in case that these diaper will be too small to fit your baby.  Estimation by APP,3 000 pieces of diaper are needed in the first year after baby born. The style of diaper Standard disposable baby diaper can meet the requirement of daily use. There are also some diaper more professional in usage.For example, special waterproof diaper is needed for babies are swimming. When the start of toilet training, there are still many choices, disposable baby diaper and training pants are included.    

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  • Compressed Towel
    Compressed Towel



    Compressed towel is a brand new product popular in recent years, which fills towel with new functions of appreciation, gift, collection, giving and heath prevention. At present, it is a very popular towel.   Compressed towel is a totally new product with minute extension. It is a beautiful, healthy and handy towel, which gives towel new vitality, improving the grade of the products. After products put on trial production, it is warmly welcomed by the vast number of consumers.   Features: Compressed towel is easy to carry , small and exquisite , novel and chic , clean sanitation , etc, having become the necessities for people on travel and business trip. Compressed can also remove people’s concern on towel. What’s more, it can also be presented as a gift.   Usage: The usage of compressed towel is very easy. Compressed towel is pure cotton towel with  functions of cleaning sanitation , easy to carry and skin beauty. It is reusable. It expands to a small square when it is put into water.   Advantages: Compressed towel is pretty small and exquisite and easy to use.Meanwhile, it uses ultraviolet ray to disinfect, which effectively avoids product contamination. Users can use it safely.   Disposable? It is generally disposable. In general, it owns same functions with normal towel. But it is small and exquisite and also handy.

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