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Happy Valentine's Day



Theme: get together with the people you favorite in Valentine’s Day.

The annual Valentine’s Day comes at Feb.14.

The spectator: the author must be Bachelor. You know that every day would be Valentine’s Day for every couple in love.

Do you feel lonely in Valentine’s Day?

Is this?

Or is like this ?

Whatever it is, I was thoroughly refuted by the couples.

To my huge relief, all Bonita mates get BONITA present in Valentine’s Day.

What do you think it would be?

Only something like this?

Surely not!

Actually a golden rose is what exact we got from our boss!

For the one who never get rose in passed Valentine’s Day, with all grateful tears in eyes, I just want to say: Love you, my


The spectator’s inside voice: “give me a dozen of boss like that !”

Ha-ha, other guys show their lovers, but as a bachelor I can only show my  boss!

I sincerely hope that every couple could be happy everyday and accompany with each other forever.

Although I am single, I still hope every one could find their right one in future.

Here just my wish:

Wish all the love can be cherished, and all the people in love can be together!

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